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If you're already an expatriate, or you're planning a move abroad, you have more to think about than adjusting to a new culture. 


The tax situation for expatriates is often complicated and frustrating. Many variables can affect how much expatriates pay in taxes - these issue range from deducting foreign taxes, your host country, and even your employment situation.


The Lizza & Associates' Foreign Tax Services (FTS) Team can help ensure that you have a smooth filing process.



 The L&A FTS Expatriate Difference


Although the IRS offers numerous deductions, credits, and exclusions to expats, taking advantage of them is not straightforward.  Some exclusions vary by country, while others can only be claimed for a portion of the year.  

In addition, each requires supporting forms and worksheets, which can be more than cumbersome to prepare.  For people who are either planning a move or have already settled abroad, we offer the following tax services:


  • Preparation of your U.S. income tax return, including schedules and forms.


  • Prepartion and filing of your state tax return, if applicable. 


  • Preparation and filing of required forms and schedules for small business owners, self-employed individuals, and individuals with significant rental property.


  • Prepartion and filing of the FBAR form for individuals with assests above a certain threshold in foreign accounts.


  • All information is transmitted through our highly secure, fully encrypted Client Portal which enables quick, free, and safe transfer of files.


It's not uncommon for expats to fall behind on their taxes. We help you sort through the paperwork, forms, and rules, and get you back in compliance with the IRS.   At Lizza & Associates, our FTS team firmly believes that expats shouldn't have to pay more than required, or suffer under penalties and interest,  just because the process is more complicated.  


Our team can help you navigate the tricky waters of U.S. taxes for expats. Give us a call 1-201-896-1170 today or visit our contact page.  Let the Lizza & Associates' Foreign Tax Services (FTS) Team help you keep more of your money to enjoy your life abroad!



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